Get Active, Get Happy

Researchers in the Netherlands studied over 1,100 adults for 6 years about their smoking, alcohol use, physical exercise, body weight and mood. A comparison was made between lifestyles and depressed mood.

Their research proved that;

  • excessive alcohol use predicted depressed mood
  • reports of more than 30 minutes of physical exercise per day predicted absence of depressed mood
  • being engaged in physical exercise throughout the 6-year follow-up period were associated with absence of depressed mood

They concluded that this population sample, certain lifestyles either predicted or protected against depressed mood. Adopting or maintaining healthy lifestyles might be a starting point in preventing or treating depressed mood over time.

Coen H. van Gool, PhD, Gertrudis I.J.M. Kempen, PhD, Hans Bosma, PhD, Martin P.J. van Boxtel, PhD, Jelle Jolles, PhD and Jacques T.M. van Eijk, PhD, Associations Between Lifestyle and Depressed Mood: Longitudinal Results From the Maastricht Aging Study, May 2007, Vol 97, No. 5 | American Journal of Public Health 887-894

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