DRY DRUNK – Recognizing The Conditions

When an alcoholic stops drinking, it’s cause for rejoicing. Unfortunately, sobriety is not guaranteed to last. It takes hard work and commitment, and a keen eye for dangers.

One danger to the non-drinking alcoholic is the dry drunk, a set of habits and attitudes that take the joy out of life for the alcoholic and those around him or her.

Those habits often precede a relapse into drinking, even if the alcoholic has been sober for years. A dry drunk can be successfully treated, and there are signs to help recognize the condition.

These are;

  • Acting self-important, either by "having all the answers," or playing "poor me."
  • Making harsh judgments of oneself and others. Being impatient or pursuing whims.
  • Being dishonest, usually beginning with little things.
  • Impulsive behavior which ignores what’s best for self and others.
  • Inability to make decisions.
  • Mood swings, trouble with expressing emotions, feeling unsatisfied.
  • Detachment, self-absorption, boredom, distraction, or disorganization.
  • Nostalgia for the drinking life.
  • Less participation in a 12-step program, or dropping out altogether.

A Dry Drunk A Memoir



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