Warning Signs of Alcoholism

  • Drinking more heavily when under pressure, or after an argument or disappointment
  • Waking up, and not being able to remember part of the evening before (blackouts)
  • Sneaking extra drinks when at a social gathering
  • Feeling uneasy when in a situation that alcohol is not available
  • Feeling guilty or worried about your drinking
  • Continuing to drink after others have stopped
  • Trying to control your drinking by switching brands
  • Avoiding other people in favor of spending time drinking
  • Problems at work arising from drinking or hangovers
  • Having a drink in the morning in order to get over a hangover
  • Feeling chronically irritable or depressed

In general, as the saying goes, "You know you have a drinking problem when your drinking causes problems". These problems may be on the job, in interpersonal relationships, or emotional.

How to help an Alcoholic training


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