Physical effects of heavy chronic drinking

Medical Problem

Heavy Chronic Drinking

Liver Disorders

Alcoholic Hepatitis, Cirrhosis.

Gastrointestinal Problems

Diarrhea. Hemorrhoids. Pancreatitis. Bleeding in the intestines and stomach. Tears in the esophagus from violent vomiting.

Heart Disease

High Blood Pressure. Weakened heart muscles leading to failure.


Hemorrhagic Stroke.


Cancers in the head and neck, throat, stomach, liver, pancreas, and cervix, breast and vagina (in women).

Neurologic or Mental Disorders

Nerve damage from severe vitamin deficiencies. Impairment in mental functioning and memory. Emotional disorders, psychosis.

Genital and Reproductive Problems.

Impotence, shrinking testicles, breast growth in Men. Menstrual disorders and infertility in women. Drinking during pregnancy increases risk for birth defects in baby.

Immune System

Increased susceptibility to infections.

Skin, Muscle, and Bone Disorders

Osteoporosis. Muscular Deterioration. Skin Sores. Itching. Peripheral neuropathy.


Hypoglycemia (Low blood suger).

Lung Disorders

Acute respiratory distress syndrome. Pneumonia.



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