Motivation – a Key to Alcohol Treatment

An alcoholic’s desire to quit drinking, rather than the effects of therapy, may be what determines success, according to a new report, Reuters Health reported.

The report, based on a reanalysis of a major study of three approaches to alcoholism, concludes that none of the strategies is particularly effective if the patient is not motivated to quit.

However, the researchers caution, that doesn’t mean alcoholism treatment should be abandoned.

“We are not suggesting that alcoholism treatment should be discontinued and even reduced,” write Drs. Robert B. Cutler and David A. Fishbain of the department of psychiatry and behavioral sciences at the University of Miami.

“People with alcohol problems clearly need all the help our society can give them.”

However, they conclude that the findings suggest that alcoholism research and treatment need to shift the focus away from the components of therapy itself and toward patients’ “characteristics and beliefs,” which includes finding ways to boost their motivation to quit.

The report was recently published in the online journal BMC Public Health.

How to Motivate an Alcoholic at

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