Adult Child Rewarded by Program

You got me thinking..about how my life used to be before attending Adult Children of Alcoholics meetings versus today…

I used to suffer depression but now with medication and therapy, I don’t

I used to have rage attacks, but after working the 12 steps, I don’t

I used to feel hopeless ad helpless but today I feel powerful and in control of my life

I used to have NO relationship with my children but today they live 10 minutes from me and end every conversation with, I love you mom

I used to have NO relationship with my grandchildren but today I am the BEST Nana I know of.

I used to have a poor relationship with my hubby but today we are actually teaching marriage groups together

I used to HATE and be scared of my sexuality but today I am healing

I used to HATE men for my incest but today I’m healing from this pain

ALL these changes have come about as a result of actually WORKING the 12 steps.

I encourage everyone IF you really want to see those beautiful changes occurring in ALL your relationships, work the steps!

and keep coming back, it works when you work it and since you are worth it, work it

thanks for allowing me to share…J.



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