Harm to Partners, Wives, Husbands of Alcoholics

Spouses are usually the first to feel the effects of their partners drinking. As the analogy of the Merry-Go-Round indicates it may start off subtlety and gradually gather momentum. Or it may be evident early in a relationship.


What ever the course the effects can be devastating. The most common effects are;

  • Low self-esteem

  • Relationship strain, breakdown or estrangement

  • Depression / anxiety

  • Partner violence

  • Psychosomatic illnesses

  • Social isolation

  • Money problems

  • Other compulsive or addictive Behaviour in an attempt to deny or suppress painful feelings.

  • Drinking or drug use problems

Many of these will eventually result in requests for medical and/or psychiatric treatment.

People can be suspicious of alcoholism in the family when symptoms of the above present for treatment.

From the BriefTSF education manuals


One thought on “Harm to Partners, Wives, Husbands of Alcoholics

  1. the above seems familiar to me,can all that are affected come together and start a life for ourselves, when we become old (IF WE EVER GET THERE) we would like to look back at our lives and what our acheivements and great memories (surely thats down to us to break the cycle of letting ourselves become effected by someone elses self inflicted addictions.) whats great about your life right now? is there an energy theif near by (mental or phisical)??? start your new year for you and you only, an A-Z DIARY of what you would like to acheive for yourself by this time NEXT YEAR, write a list and tick off your goals as you acheive them, now thats something to be positive about and keep your set goals as your BEST FREIND dont rush, enjoy the great change in YOUR LIFE, Been there got the T shirt. signed yours waiting.


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