Sober Older Women Love Their Sex Lives

A high proportions of women with more than 1 year of sobriety reported sex being important, as well as their sexual life and intercourse being satisfying.

Researchers asked 60 sober postmenopausal women about their sex lives and found 80% had a regular sexual partner.

Additionally women reported that their sexual desire, arousability, and responsiveness during alcohol abstinence, was greater than during their drinking years.

Taken together, these findings suggest that alcoholic postmenopausal women abstinent from alcohol for longer than 1 year report greater satisfaction with the sexual aspects of their lives than women abstinent for a shorter period of time.

The research was reported by Judith S. Gavaler, Alberto Rizzo, Lorenzo Rossaro, David H. Van Thiel, Ennio Brezza, Stephen R. Deal. Sexuality of Alcoholic Postmenopausal Women:Effects of Duration of Alcohol Abstinence. Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research 18 (2), 269–271.



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