Controlled Drinking Effects

Want to drink without the problems – you can if your not an alcoholic.

Smelling and seeing alcohol weakens the ability to resist a drink. When social drinkers were exposed to an alcoholic drink they found it difficult to control their intake of alcohol.

When the same people saw and smelt water they had no stronger desire to drink it.

Mark Muraven and Dikla Shmueli reported in the prestigious journal Psychology of Addictive Behaviors (June 2006). No matter what emotion their volunteers were experiencing at the time they had a greater impulse to have a drink of alcohol after sighting or smelling alcoholic beverages. Also, by resisting the temptation to drink they undermined their self-control capacity at least in relation to alcohol.

The same effect has been reported by alcoholics for generations. However, alcoholics have an inbuilt ‘desire to drink’ at any time and anywhere.

This study found that people who had normal drinking desires were less likely to drink or drink to excess. But, people with a ‘desire to drink’ drank alcohol quicker, more often and in greater quantities.

Self-control, self-will seems to make matters worse for people with a strong desire to drink alcohol.

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) has two criteria that people can use to assess their own drinking practices. These are;

  • An abnormal desire to drink anytime, anywhere, anyhow – a preoccupation with alcohol.
  • Once having had a drink, an inability to always be able guarantee their behavior or drinking once drinking has started – a compulsion to drink alcohol.

 AA has over 3 million members world wide who know just what this scientific study confirms; that an unusual preoccupation with alcohol and an irresistible impulse to drink can be medically and socially damaging. Alcohol abuse can also lead to the wrecking of normal thinking and life in general.

Read of alcoholics experiences, strengths and hopes online @ Alcoholics Anonymous.

What are your expereinces with controlled drinking? Leave your comments below.

One thought on “Controlled Drinking Effects

  1. Controlled drinking has never worked for me. The ability to resist drinking large quantities of alcohol diminishes in proportion to the amount of alcohol drank, so the person who is trying to control their drinking is not the same person when they have had three or four drinks as control can then go flying out of the window along with responsibilities and plans that are important whilst sober. This is my experience, I have now not had a drink for 3 weeks(the longest period in 2 years) and most of the problems which were driving me to drink now seem manageable and I feel on top of them I think a lot of problems seem far worse when your brain is clouded by drink or hangovers this in turn prompts us to have another drink which causes more problems and so on. The trick is to break the cycle for a while and view things from a clear headed perspective it is surprising how much better everything seems.


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