Black and White attend AA and NA equally

One year after being admitted to a public substance abuse treatment agency, Caucasion- and African-Americans were attending mutual help (Narcotics Anonymous, Alcoholics Anonymous) groups at the same rate.

African-American participants (N=253) in NA and AA self-help groups showed significant improvements over twelve months in six problem areas (employment, alcohol, drug, legal, psychological, and family).

African-American self-help group participants had significant more improvement in their medical, alcohol, and drug problems than did African- American patients who did not participate in self-help groups after treatment.

Humphreys, K., B. E. Mavis, and B. E. Stoffelmayr (1994). Are Twelve Step Programs Appropriate for Disenfranchised Groups? Evidence from a Study of Posttreatment Mutual Help Involvement. Prevention in Human Services 11(1): 165-179.


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