Alateen Works

This study compared 25 Alateen members with 25 non-members who had an alcoholic parent and 25 non-members with no alcoholic parent.

Adolescents with an alcoholic parent who were members of Alateen experienced significantly fewer negative moods, significantly more positive moods and higher self-esteem than those who were not members.

In fact, Alateen members had self-esteem and mood scores similar to those of adolescents who did not have an alcoholic parent.

Alateen is a 12-Step support group for teenage chilfren of alcoholics. It is oart of Al-anon Family groups for families and friends of alcoholics.

Hughes, J. M. (1977). Adolescent Children of Alcoholic Parents and the Relationship of Alateen to These Children. Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology 45(5): 946-947.



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