Women gain greater benefit in AA than men

Although alcoholism interventions were designed primarily for men, they are currently delivered in ways that are also useful to women.

Researchers studied men and women attending AA for 16 years. Over all women did better than men on various measures of success.

On alcohol-related problems women;

  • Attended more treatment appointments
  • Reduced their drinking more
  • Attended more AA meetings
  • Had less drinking related problems
  • Had less dependency symptoms
  • Developed better self-efficacy and
  • Reduced depression more

In life context and coping women;

  • Had less chronic stressors
  • Acquired a greater number of friendships
  • Had greater social resources
  • Developed better problem-solving skills
  • Avoided social contacts less and,
  • Drank less to reduce tension

Not to say that men were deprived of these benefits of AA. Indeed they also recovered and developed along similar lines, but to a slightly less degree than women.

The researchers conclude that the people who attended more AA meetings did better overall than those who attended less often, occasionally or intermittently.

Rudolf H. Moos, PhD; Bernice S. Moos, BS; and Christine Timko, PhD. Gender Treatment and Self Help in Remission from Alcohol Use Disorders. Clinical Medicine & Research. Volume 4, Number 3:163-174. http://www.clinmedres.org

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