Combined Australian and New Zealand conference

The Combined Australian Professional Society on Alcohol and Drugs and
New Zealand Cutting Edge Addiction Conference

4 – 7 November 2007  Aotea Centre,
Auckland, New Zealand

Represents the coming together of the main treatment-orientated addiction conferences in the two countries; a special one-off trans-Tasman co-operative event for 2007. Combined national meetings present a unique opportunity for comparing and contrasting national understandings and solutions to these problems.

The main theme of The Combined Conference is “Two Nations, Ten Cultures?” We know which are the two nations, but what is “culture”?

There are in fact a multitude of definitions of “culture”. Understanding culture is fundamental to understanding human behaviour, including aberrant human behaviour such as that found in addiction, as well as understanding behavioural change required for recovery from addiction. This definition opens up numerous topics on culture for discussion at The Combined Conference as they relate to addiction and its treatment: indigenous cultures; immigrant cultures; the nature of modern culture and societal subcultures; treatment services; self-help groups; professions; religious groups; and gender/sexual orientation cultures as well as consideration of more controversial areas such as the genetic basis of culture.

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