Pain Management Without Psychological Dependence; A Guide for Healthcare Providers

Pain Management Without Psychological Dependence: A Guide for Healthcare Providers provides healthcare providers with research-based information on how to provide pain management while avoiding psychological dependence on opioids.

It discusses non-opioid alternatives to pain management, distinguishes between physical and psychological dependence and pseudoaddiction, and provides practical advice on how to reduce patients’ risk of psychological dependence on opioids during pain management.

The guide — part of the Substance Abuse in Brief Fact Sheets (Summer 2006, Volume 4, Issue 1) — is written for health and human services professionals who do not work directly in the substance abuse prevention and treatment fields but whose work and policies are affected by issues related to mental health and the prevention of and treatment for alcohol and drug use disorders.

Pain Management Without Psychological Dependence 

Publication Year: 2006. Publisher; SAMHSA’s National Clearinghouse on Alcohol and Drug Information (NCADI).


From; Join Together Online



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