Pain Management – Options for Managing Pain

Many people using self-help to recover from alcoholism / addictions also have pain problems. Information is the key to avoiding becoming addicted to medication. Some of these may help. 

Chronic pain can require the long-term use of potent medications and some patients would like to become better informed of their pain management options. This consumer guide provides credible online resources to assist your patient in researching topics related to pain treatment from reliable, patient-friendly sources. 

Contents include suggestions to help ensure good communication during the appointment with a healthcare provider. This booklet includes sources that allow a patient to learn more about specific drugs and their side effects, including a link to the FDA site for current information on the risks of taking Cox-2 inhibitors and NSAIDs.  

Useful resources for patient questions on the topics of drug tolerance and dependency or addiction are also offered. In addition, it offers sites for the patient to learn more about non-drug steps that they can take to help them gain more control over their pain.  

Options for Managing Pain 

Other useful documents  

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Back and Neck Pain
Cancer Pain
Chronic Pain
Opioid/Medication Safety
Palliative Care



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