Alcoholism increases ill-health of partners in live-in relationships

Violence by alcoholic men toward their partners is common, especially on the days men drink; rates have been estimated at 50% to 65% in those starting alcoholism treatment.

The risks to cohabitating women for being the victim of a violent crime or for having had multiple injuries, mood and anxiety disorders, and fair or poor health in the previous year were two to three times higher in these women than in partners of men without current alcohol problems.

Women with a partner with alcohol problems experienced 46% more negative life events during the past year, and they rated their psychological and physical quality of life 11% lower, than did women without partner alcohol problems.

Reference; Dawson DA et al. The impact of partner alcohol problems on women’s physical and mental health. J Stud Alcohol 2007 Jan; 68:66-75.

Bloggers Comments; People in alcoholic relationships need to put their safety first. If an alcoholic continues to drink it will get worse, never better. You can help an alcoholic, but this requires a different set of skills and a specific type of approach.




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