Verification of C. G. Jung’s Analysis of Rowland Hazard and the History of Alcoholics Anonymous


Extant historical scholarship in the Jungian literature and the Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) literature does not provide a complete picture of the treatment of Rowland Hazard by C. G. Jung, an analysis that AA co-founder Bill Wilson claimed was integral to the foundation of AA in theory and practice.

Wilson‘s original report resulted in archivists and historians incorrectly calibrating their searches to the wrong date.

The current work definitively solves the mystery of the timing of Hazard’s treatment with Jung by placing his preliminary analysis with Jung in the year 1926, rather than 1930 or 1931.   Previously unexamined correspondence originating from Jung, Hazard, his cousin Leonard Bacon, his uncle Irving Fisher, and his aunt Margaret Hazard Fisher is supplemented by relevant primary and secondary source material.

Bluhm, Amy Colwell. Verification of C. G. Jung’s Analysis of Rowland Hazard and the History of Alcoholics Anonymous. History of Psychology. 2006 Nov Vol 9(4) 313-324



5 thoughts on “Verification of C. G. Jung’s Analysis of Rowland Hazard and the History of Alcoholics Anonymous

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  2. That was a really good post. It helped me to make sense of some of the issues with the subject. There is another good blog on the same topic that I was reading a while ago.

  3. What Dr. Carl Gustav Jung said to Rowland Hazard [most misspell both Rowland’s first name and his last name]is not necessarily well-documented. Moreover, when Dr. Jung treated and/or said his much quoted words still seems unclear even though Blum has opened up some important facts and links. What IS important is the fact that William James seems to have been one of the sources Jung knew of and perhaps was a basis for his recommending conversion as a solution for Rowland’s alcoholism. James listed many examples of cure of alcoholism through conversion and rebirth in mission settings. Furthermore, Bill Wilson’s physician, Dr. William Silkworth, was apparently conversant with the James book and views, the Jung view on conversion, and his own conviction as a Christian that Jesus Christ could cure. I have tried to put the known facts in the perspective of Alcoholics Anonymous, Bill Wilson and his many conversion encounters, and the real significance to historians of the James-Jung-Rowland-Silkworth-Thacher-Calvary Rescue Mission-Shoemaker chain of events. See Dick B., The Conversion of Bill W., 2006.

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