Ignition Lock Reduces Healthcare Use and Sick Leave.

“Voluntary participation in an alcohol ignition lock program has favorable effects with less need for hospital care or sick leave. This is probably linked to reduced alcohol consumption during the programme and to the ability to continue driving.” Said researchers in Sweden.

Over 4 years 1200 people who took part in the program had better health records than people who did not have ignition locks

Some 900 people who had only their driving licenses revoked and no ignition locks had similar high healthcare needs and sick leave than before their court case

Additionally, people on the ignition lock program reduced their heath care needs and sick leave relative to their pre-program rates

The ignition lock program includes regular alcohol counseling and health monitoring. People who chose to participate may have been committed to changing their drinking habits anyway. Thus, counseling and medical care may have contributed to their success on an economic scale

Reference; Bo Bjerre, Paul Marques, Jan Selén, Ulf Thorsson (2007). A Swedish alcohol ignition interlock programme for drink-drivers: effects on hospital care utilization and sick leave. Addiction 102 (4), 560–570.  


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