Help for Integrating Self-Help Into Psychotherapy: 16 Practical Suggestions.

Psychologists routinely recommend self-help to their patients but desire guidance on the optimal methods and resources for doing so. This article provides 16 suggestions, culled from both the research literature and clinical experience, for integrating self-help into psychotherapy. Among the clinical recommendations are;

o      broadening the definition of self-help,

o      assessing clients’ self-help histories,

o      offering tangible support in linking clients with self-help,

o      tailoring the self-help resource to the person (not only the disorder),

o      assisting clients with the administration of difficult self-help programs,  

o      using self-help during waiting and maintenance stages, and

o      addressing clients’ reservations about its use.

Psychologists’ top-rated self-help books, autobiographies, and films are presented. By their behavior, psychologists can enhance the effectiveness of self-help within the context of psychotherapy.

Norcross, John C. Integrating Self-Help Into Psychotherapy: 16 Practical Suggestions. Professional Psychology: Research and Practice. 2006 Dec Vol 37(6) 683-693


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