Alcoholics Anonymous and Al-anon produce sobriety and marital happiness.

Alcoholics Anonymous and Al-anon produce sobriety and marital happiness. Researchers treated 90 alcoholic couples with either; 1 – cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), 2 – couples therapy or, 3 – CBT plus encouragement of 12-Step self-help attendance. 

After 18 months all three therapies produced a similar rate of sober days and marital happiness with Alcoholics Anonymous attendance producing higher non-drinking rates. CBT plus 12-Step involvement produced the greatest AA attendance.  Abstinence from alcohol resulted in greater marital happiness. 

Bloggers comment; Encouraging alcoholics to attend AA and alcoholics partners to attend Al-anon results in more sobriety and greater relationship satisfaction. McCrady, Barbara S.; Epstein, Elizabeth E.; Kahler, Christopher W. Alcoholics Anonymous and Relapse Prevention as Maintenance Strategies After Conjoint Behavioral Alcohol Treatment for Men: 18-Month Outcomes. Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology. 72(5), Oct 2004, 870-878.




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